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About us

Company Introduction

Tan Wu Lee Fishery was established in the year 1998s and was located on Taman Sri Terbau. We are as known as fresh fishes and frozen foods dealer.

Based on our customers' high opinion and support, our branch in Kipmall F2, Masai is successfully established in the year 2018. We are committed to providing fresh and high-quality seafood at the cheapest price to our customers.

In the year 2019, our branch in Taman Sri Terbau is moved to Suria Pasar.

Tan Wu Lee Fishery has over 23 years of experience in our business, we are committed to providing our seafood at the cheapest price with low profit. Our business philosophy is to only provide high-quality and fresh seafood to our customers.

Since the branch was established in the year 2018, we also added home delivery services to our customers. Nowadays, our customers can enjoy our fresh and cheap seafood without stepping out the door, all the order can just finish on fingertips.